4 December 2010

Try this for pure joy

That was entertainment.
Whereas  on Daybreak they would be more concerned with generating some fatuous phone in completion based on what the viewers thought everyone was eating.

30 November 2010

It’s That Man Again.

AC - Sartorial elegance

AC with moustache


Here are a pair of so called presenters. They have no discernible talent.  They remain a duo in so far as they are conjoined by self regard and avarice. Having failed on The One Show they are currently  wrecking their careers, and those of others, on Daybreak.

On the other hand,  could be I am wrong in this. Maybe there those out there who believe that Day Break is a quite wonderful show, “Adrian and Christine are a lovely couple and Adrian is soooo funny. I’m ready for my medication now, nurse.”